Grove City Wine Tours and Festivals

Grove City Wine Tours and Festivals

There are many things to do in Grove City, including visiting Plum Run Winery or exploring the Capital City Wine Trail. There are also a number of interesting festivals to check out, including the Grove City Wine and Arts Festival. Learn more about the area’s wineries below. You can also visit the town center to sample the many local foods. For a more leisurely experience, visit one of the area’s many museums or check out the many outdoor activities that the city offers.

Plum Run Winery

The couple, Dave and Diane Crosby, are hoping to open their own vineyard and winery in the town of Grove City by June. Previously, Dave had only made wine at home, but this year, he plans to sell a variety of wines, including some he has made himself. The winery will also sell juice made from grapes grown in Ohio. The couple is estimating bottle prices to be between $10 and $16. A tasting of three or four wines will cost between $4 and $5.

Located in Grove City, Ohio, Plum Run Winery is a family-run small boutique winery. The winery uses local grapes, as well as grapes from other Ohio vineyards. It is easy to find, at the corner of Broadway and Columbus Street. Dave and Diane Crosby moved to a fourteen-acre farm south of the city in 2002, bringing their horse along with them. They soon added additional horses to the farm.

Capital City Wine Trail

There are many things to do on a Capital City Wine Trail besides sip on fine wines. The area’s many wineries welcome both novices and connoisseurs, and the winemakers are eager to share their passion with visitors. Take advantage of the numerous events and activities available, including wine tours, tastings, and events. Here are a few of the best. Read on to learn more about these tours and how to plan one yourself.

The Capital Brewery is a historic institution in Washington, DC, that has been brewing craft beer since 1983. It features a spacious outdoor Bier Garten and a cozy Bier Stube, and is home to live music events throughout the year. If you’re looking for something more local, check out The Lone Girl Brewing Company, located about 10 minutes from the Capitol, where you can enjoy a rooftop beer garden and enjoy happy hour daily.

Grove City’s Wine and Arts Festival

In the summer of 2022, the city of Grove City, Ohio, will hold its eleventh annual Wine and Arts Festival. This event will feature over twenty Ohio wineries, visual artists, and other artisans showcasing their wares and wine-related treasures. The festival also offers hands-on activities for children. For more information about the festival, visit the website. The festival will run from June 17 to 18 and tickets are available for purchase online.

The Heart of Grove City Wine and Arts Festival begins today and runs through the following day until 10 p.m. tomorrow. This event typically draws 30,000 guests and features over 20 wineries. It will take place in downtown Grove City and last until June 19 and features fine arts and local crafts. There are about 30 vendors involved in the festival, so you’re sure to find something you like. To make the festival a success, the city’s council waived city code requirements for the event. This action means that alcohol can be sold at the festival but only in a designated area. The designated outdoor refreshment area in downtown Grove City is in effect.

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